07 Nisan 2010

looKing for Eric

- Hey up, hey up. What's the shirt, mate?
- FC United, mate. People's club.
- Wouldn't wipe my arse on that, pal.
- Oh, yeah?
- Sit down, Spleen. You're gonna have a heart attack, for God's sake. Fucking give us that pint.
- Listen, pal. You run off and left us.
- They left me.
- Who left you? United? The most famous team in history. We got over 300 million fans. And we left you?
- Yes.
- I told you this before, right? A bloke once said, "Leave your... You can change your wife, change your politics, change your religion. But never, never can you change your favourite football team."
- Yeah, all right, we may be small. We may be small. But you know what? There's no fat bastard chairman can sell us out for 30 pieces of silver.
- No, 'cause the fat bastard's sat there.
- Our club.
- And I'll tel you what, that's what they said about United. 1878, were'nt it, eh?
- Yes.
- Newton Heath they were called. Lowly railway men. Eh? What about that? You're pissing on your own history, you know that?
- No, it's still there. Still there. It's all in the heart. It's still there.
- We'll never die, pal, us.
- Yeah.
- He never fucking goes, Judge, anyway. What you talking about?
- Yeah, but I've told him there's no secret in the fact. I can't afford it. I can't afford to take the kids.
- Exactly. That's the point, innit, you daft git.
- Car parks don't lie!
- They don't.
- You have a look. Have a look now. What kind of car parks in there on a match day? Not the kind of cars we can afford. How many postmen you know go to the game?
- Yeah. We're going on bikes with fucking baskets on the front.
- Won't pay Glazer or work for Sky. Still sing "City's gonna die" Two Uniteds but the soul is one. As the Busby Babes carry on.
- Carry on.
- Oh, matron.
- Hypocrites, you are.
- You what?
- Walking adverts. Look at you. Just sponsors' names on your chests. We don't have sponsors on our chest. We're like Barcelona.
- What?
- Spanish.
- Who would sponsor you?
- You're sat there on a Tuesday night. Tuesday night. You're the fuckers who put 50, 60 million quid in Edwards' pocket.
- Yeah.
- Filling Murdoch's fucking pockets.
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- You fucking don't know what you're doing. You make me sick.
- Sit down and shut the fuck up.
- I'm going. I'm going!
- Fuck off!
- The game's just starting you fucking knob.

7 Nisan 2010

A. Eren Loğoğlu

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