09 Temmuz 2009

Bono Camp Nou'da

Bono is well-known for his support of development issues so it was no surprise when he backed up Barça’s work with UNICEF by wearing a Barça shirt with the UNICEF logo and the slogan “More than a Club” at the U2 concert in the Camp Nou on Tuesday.

Bono told the fans at the concert: “FC Barcelona is the only football club in the world that wears UNICEF on their shirts”. Given the huge fame of the Irish rock star and his proven commitment to the underprivileged, his actions will do much to project Barça’s social policies to a worldwide audience.

Bono did not mention football but instead highlighted Barça’s commitment to charitable projects. By wearing the Barça shirt he has boosted the Club’s image of social commitment.

Tamamı için: http://www.fcbarcelona.com/web/english/noticies/club/temporada09-10/07/n090701105751.html

9 Temmuz 2009

A. Eren Loğoğlu

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